Written by Gamma Jan

Illustrations by Lea Lackey-Zachmann

Music by Fran Ellis

Publishing by Ivy House Publishing


* The Music CD contains the music single "The Earth - Handle With Care" by Fran Ellis, and is sold in a clear plastic sleeve with adhesive that sticks to the inside back cover of the book.


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Children’s Book

We All Live on the Earth

We All Live on the Earth is the story of Filip, a boy from Sweden, who shares with the reader his curiosity about how other children in the world live. He wonders whether they eat the same food, wear the same clothes, learn the same things in school, play the same games and more. He even thinks about the animals who live in other countries and whether their life might be different as well. In the end, Filip decides that the only thing that really matters is that we are all good neighbors because we all share one home — the Earth.

This book is a wonderful story for children, told through the eyes of a child. It is a story about diversity, acceptance and the need for understanding, and is a great tool for teaching that we are all neigbors on this great planet we call Earth.

The book is written in a simplistic way, accompanied by beautiful illustrations designed to appeal and interest early readers in grades K-3. It also includes sheet music and lyrics to the song “The Earth — Handle With Care”, written by Fran Ellis, as well as questions and activities to get children involved in learning about the Earth and its many peoples.