Something Really Important, the most recent book by Janet Johnston is the story about a little girl named Sharik who is from Nairobi, Kenya on the continent of Africa. In this delightful children’s book Sharik learns things all children need to live a good life on earth like food, water, clothing, nulland shelter, but the most important thing is love. She learns about love through the eyes and heart of her Grandmother who she is deeply bonded. The book also nullexpresses the value of making a difference by showing love… the love that you care and the love that you share.Read More

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Gamma Jan Pays Tribute to Grandmothers All Around the World!

Grandmothers play important roles in the lives of their grandchildren or those that take on that role.  How can we count the ways? But we know this to be true; it is through the love that they share and the love that they care for their grandchild or grandchildren, all around the world.

Janet Johnston, who goes by the pen name of Gamma Jan is a wife, mother, grandmother and was a teacher for thirty years. She taught children in both national and international schools in the United States and in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia she taught children from five different continents. Her primary focus during her career was elementary education, kindergarten through third grade. After retiring from teaching she spent six months in Yemen with her husband. This is where she became interested in writing children’s books that focus on bringing multi-cultural awareness to children with a message that all children should be able to relate to in some way on earth. Something Really Important is her second book.